Prepping up for 2019!

I’m not new to new year resolutions. This is one custom I most religiously follow, though off late I publicly declare that “I do not believe in resolutions’! One of the constant themes of my resolutions have been weight loss. Rather, that’s the only one I remember 🙂 Last year, I gave it a twist and called the resolution as being ‘mindful and healthy’ as opposed to ‘losing weight’. That trick did not work either 😦

The net result was that 2018 gave me another firm 3 kgs more to keep!!!

I’m not shying away from 2019 and this year the mantra is Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time bound(SMART)  goals….and lets see how this WORK(or not :)).

For starters, I’m going to start my January sprint 1 goal, you heard it right, 24 mini goals which will add up to my 2019 final goal of happy and healthy ‘ME’! (For non IT readers, each sprint consists of 2 weeks of duration, my 1st sprint starts on 1st Jan and ends on 14th Jan). The very first goal I’m setting is definitely simple, “30 minutes any exercise, 5 times a week(minimum) and logging food daily”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Specific : What will be accomplished? Daily exercise and mindful eating (probably weight loss???)

Measurable : Healthify logs, Fitbit logs

Attainable : Oh Sure!!!

Relevant : Yes it is, definitely my first step towards a better outcome

Time bound : 2 weeks(short and sweet)

I have no plans to write a daily update, but definitely I planned to do an update on Jan 15th.


2019 feels exciting already with all the opportunities awaiting and challenges to win 🙂 Wishing for a better tomorrow!